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How choose the color of Hospital door?

Walking into the hospital, we will find that white is the most common color design in medical spaces. This design style is usually interpreted as a symbol of professionalism, purity, cleanliness and sacredness in architectural color science. From the analysis of visual effects, white can enhance the brightness of the space, create a modern professional medical space, and give people a refreshing and clean feeling.

But if it is a large piece of plain white, staying in it for a long time can easily feel depressed. Facts have proved that the scientific and reasonable use of other colors in the hospital environment design can create a more comfortable hospital environment. Therefore, in the design of medical doors, white medical doors are rarely seen. On the one hand, it is considered to reduce a large area of ​​white, on the other hand, it is considered that white is easy to dye.

1. Blue can bring peace and tranquility and is a refreshing and bright color. Blue emphasizes the introverted and calm temperament.
2. Green contains the meaning of freshness, peace, safety, calm and comfort. It can be used in medical places to create an atmosphere of birth and hope.
3. Wood color emphasizes simplicity, comfort, nature, and warm atmosphere. Whether it is wood veneer on the wall or the ground, it can play a relaxing environment.

Of course, if you want to build a hospital that can bring a cool summer feeling, in addition to the scientific use of colors on the medical doors, the entire hospital space also needs to use colors scientifically, as well as in the design of buildings. Materials selection and energy consumption control And so on, consider the creation of a green ecological hospital in an all-round way.



Post time: Nov-09-2021