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How to solve the problem of excessive noise when the medical airtight door is running

Medical airtight doors are one of the doors that are widely used in hospitals at present, but if they are not used carefully, some problems will inevitably occur. For example, the sound of the airtight door is too loud during operation. How should we deal with this kind of problem? The manufacturer will take you to find out, and hope to help you!

The airtight door adopts a brushless motor, which is small in size and large in power, and can run for a long time without failure even if it is frequently opened and closed.

Professional vacuum air-tight rubber strips are installed around the door body, and the pressing technology is used to ensure that the door and the door frame are closely matched, and a reliable air-tight effect is achieved when the door is closed.

The air-tight door hanging wheel is worn out due to long-term use, and only needs to be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated.

During the operation, the noise caused by the friction between the movable door leaf and the fixed door or the wall can be adjusted properly. The box and guide rails are not installed properly when they are installed, which has a resonance effect with the gypsum board of the ceiling.

If the door clip or track fixing the door panel is damaged, it is necessary to remove the box to see if there is any damage inside, and if so, it needs to be replaced.

Some fixed parts are loose and just need to be reinforced.


Of course, medical airtight doors should also be maintained during use to reduce the frequency of failures of airtight doors:

1. If you want to maintain the airtight door in the operating room, it is necessary to clean the airtight door, not only to clean the door leaf, but also to wipe the residual moisture on the surface after cleaning, so as to prevent the residual moisture from causing corrosion to the door body and some components.

In addition, the vicinity of the airtight door in the operating room of the hospital should be kept clean, and the accumulated dust and debris should be removed in time to avoid the insensitivity of the airtight door to the induction device.

2. When using the airtight door in the operating room, it is necessary to pay attention not to let heavy objects and sharp objects collide and scratch the airtight door, so as to avoid deformation of the airtight door, resulting in a larger gap between the door leaves and damage to the surface protection layer. Its performance is degraded.

3. During operation, it is very important to coordinate the components of the airtight door in the operating room. Therefore, the guide rails and ground wheels should be regularly maintained and inspected during maintenance, and cleaned and lubricated to avoid the hidden danger of airtight doors.

4. Using the airtight door in the operating room, a lot of dust will accumulate in the chassis. In order to avoid poor operation of the airtight door during the opening and closing process, the chassis should be cleaned regularly and the power should be turned off to ensure the safety of maintenance work.

The operating room airtight door is very important for the operating room. It can not only prevent excessive outside air from flowing into the sterile operating room, but also provide convenience for hospital personnel to enter and exit, so as to avoid affecting the operation. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the operating room airtight door during use to ensure that the airtight door can have good operating quality.


Post time: Jun-13-2022