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Introduction of the Hospital door

Door-as the entrance to the connecting passages of various functional areas, as the entrance for communication between doctors and patients, its functionality, decoration and rationality have increasingly become a topic of deep concern for professional designers and builders. At the same time, in addition to satisfying functionality and decoration, whether the manufacturing process and design details of the door can reflect the care and care of every patient and medical staff in the hospital is a better proposal for hospital door manufacturers in our new era. Requirements.

The purpose of building a modern hospital is to meet the needs of medical work to the greatest extent, establish a patient-centered warm and convenient environment, adapt the medical environment to medical functions, develop space resources, and reflect the humanistic spirit of the hospital.

In recent years, with the development of the economy, patients’ demands for the medical environment have been increasing. From the moment of admission, patients and accompanying medical staff have been continuously transformed into various functional spaces in accordance with the medical procedures designed by the hospital. From the outpatient clinic to the treatment room, to the inspection area, and then to the treatment area, some have to enter the ward, special equipment area, etc. Our medical staff work and live in a hospital with relatively complex functions and varied spaces. This puts forward higher requirements for hospital construction. Reasonable medical design and fast medical procedures can shorten the time for consultation. The medical environment should be warm and comfortable, natural and relaxed, so that you can get mental and psychological comfort. When designing the decoration of the hospital, it is necessary to ensure the function of medical use, but also to consider the psychological needs of patients, provide high-quality services, and create a good diagnosis and treatment environment. In the decoration design, the function of each hospital door and design door is a very important issue, and it is also one of the elements that our hospital designers and builders should pay attention to.

Nowadays, hospital doors purchased by hospitals present strict and clear technical service standards in terms of material performance, processing technology, aesthetics, and practicability. Hospital door manufacturers have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the hospital and the requirements of the hospital for doors, so as to produce hospital doors that meet the requirements of the new era. Moenke hospital doors are environmentally friendly, zero-formaldehyde, non-toxic gas release, strong toughness, and flame retardant properties. Better and other advantages. Compared with other products, it has obvious advantages in terms of waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial. At the same time, our company adopts advanced manufacturing technology to help clean the products and prolong the service life during use.


Post time: Oct-20-2021