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The Hospital door control device’s three ways

When making many ward doors, many different control methods are used. Therefore, for the maintenance of the ward door, there are certain requirements in terms of safety performance, and some knowledge is needed. Currently on the market, the control methods of ward door transmission mainly include on-site electric control, fire alarm linkage control and manual control, which can basically meet the above three functional requirements.

Ward door manufacturers should pay attention to the following points:
1. In office buildings, hospitals and other places, general smoke detectors detect fire signals faster than temperature detectors, and the alarm speed is faster, so the smoke detector alarm signal is used as the first control signal.
2. After a fire alarm occurs, the alarm signal, the ward door is lowered by half, and the floor is lowered and other signals should be fed back to the fire control room.
3. There is a water curtain at the door of the ward. When a fire occurs, it is necessary to send a fire alarm signal to the control room and control the water curtain solenoid valve to automatically open to make the water curtain system work.
In order to solve this problem, the ward door manufacturer has added a temperature melting control device in the maintenance. When installing the ward door, you should choose the transmission device as close as possible to the transmission device.

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Post time: Oct-08-2021