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The long-term development strategy of Moenke Door ‘s medical door

What are the long-term development strategies of Moenke Door Industry’s medical door? How can it be developed for a long time? The following professional and technical personnel will introduce to you.

1. Take the specialization route: There are thousands of domestic wooden door manufacturers, and most of them are home improvement doors. If you want to stand in the wooden door market for a long time, you must take the professional route, not only “specialized” but also “fine” . That way you can go further. For example, Haosen Medical Door only focuses on the research and development and production of medical doors. Whenever you mention medical doors, you will think of Moenke.

2. Introduce the most advanced equipment: Now is the era of Industry 4.0, all manual processes can be replaced by machinery, the wages of domestic workers are generally raised, and the working standards of each worker are inconsistent, which will lead to uneven quality of medical doors uneven. All changes to mechanized equipment can greatly increase the work efficiency, but also make the quality of the products more guaranteed.

3. Actively respond to the call of the state: In the early days of reform and opening up, we blindly developed the economy and ignored many problems, such as environmental 



Post time: May-18-2022