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Three guarantees for the operating room door

The operating room door has a great effect. The exterior of the operating room door is generally made of stainless steel plate, including the size, height, width, and thickness. There are fixed requirements, and the keel is installed inside. Due to the different types of rays in each department, the required materials are relatively different, so It is generally recommended to customize the operating room door. Because the rays of the operating room door are more harmful, it is necessary to use the operating room door. What conditions should the required operating room door have?

1. Guarantee of frequency conversion device

In the process of use, a reasonable operating room door can be changed in speed to ensure more flexibility and safety in use. The guarantee of inverter air conditioning equipment makes the operation room door easier to use. At the same time, the operation room door is guaranteed by the frequency conversion device. It is more balanced in use, relatively reduces noise, and is suitable for the requirements of the hospital’s general environment.

   2. Security device guarantee

Operating room doors are of different types, so the safety protection settings are also different. Generally, ordinary operating room doors should be equipped with three types of protection devices, namely electrical, mechanical and infrared protection. They are the iron triangle to ensure safety and reliability. For example, infrared safety devices can avoid squeezing accidents during operation.

   Third, the door body is durable and guaranteed

The door of the operating room needs to be replaced regularly, but it is usually replaced after a few years. This also involves the use of safety issues. The operating room door has product guarantee. If the product is purchased with material guarantee and service life guarantee, normal construction And it will not be replaced under normal use.

In order to ensure that there is no interference during the operation, many hospitals have installed special hospital doors for the operating rooms. And in order to guarantee this for a long time, the hospital needs to maintain and repair the operating room door continuously. Whether there is a very good operating environment during the operation, the door of the hospital operating room is the key.

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Post time: Oct-14-2021