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What kind of paint should be used for hospital door?

After the special protective door is in place, the flatness must be calibrated and adjusted to the same installation height before installation. According to the provisions of the layout plan, the same space and interior and exterior wall tiles should be used. In addition, the left and right widths of the special medical door must also be the same. Hospital door and windows should be temporarily anchored with anchor bolts and checked for compliance with installation specifications. Precise fixing before installation is a prerequisite for the standard installation of hospital-specific doors. 

Hospital door use X-ray protective architectural coatings, the main component of which is barium sulfate, which is an important barium-containing ore. It has some chemical properties of organic chemistry, such as strong plasticity, good reliability, corrosion resistance, high density, moderate strength, and the ability to digest and absorb harmful radiation. In recent years, the use of hospital door has been increasingly valued and used by large hospitals, which is inseparable from its own characteristics. What is the function of the medical door? The following is a detailed introduction for you.

Protection effect: The outer layer is stainless steel plate, the general size is 21.50 cm high * 130 cm wide * 10 cm thick, the main keel is installed below, the inner lining is about 2mm shielding, and the thickness of the shielding plate is mainly based on the radiation of different departments. It is specially designed for strength, with different raw material and thickness regulations, while following the requirements of national standards.

Interlocking function: The medical door is interlocked with the switching power supply of the direct irradiation equipment. The X-ray machine cannot be turned on when the door is open or closed. When the lightning device is turned on, if the medical door is opened, it will immediately stand by within 2 seconds.

Safety standard: equipped with phase sensor and infrared detector, if someone approaches or touches the door after closing, the door will automatically close and open, with running plan, limit switch and time keeping function. Some contaminants are items that cannot be cleaned. For example, the medical door is covered with oil stains that cannot be directly cleaned. You can clean them with Clean Light. Never use strongly alkaline or strongly acidic water-based chemicals to clean these oils. stains. Because it is not only easy to damage the smooth surface of aluminum alloy profiles.24


Post time: Jan-24-2022